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Intelligent Price Differentiation


BBA's MortgageRetainer is a mortgage renewal platform developed for financial institutions that either hold or distribute conventional residential mortgages.

MortgageRetainer uses a build-up approach for mortgage pricing by taking into account default, prepayment and funding volatility risks for each mortgage transaction in the renewal pool. Using advanced Rest API technology, MortgageRetainer platform also helps managers develop business plans on the fly.

Core Benefits

Standardized Pricing

MortgageRetainer offers a set of performance metrics that allows meaningful and uniform comparison across all lending activities (with varying risk characteristics) and portfolios.

Pricing Scenarios

Using advanced pricing algorithm, risk and funding costs as the basis, determine customer's willingness to pay.

Level Playing Field

Identify customer response to price across different products, markets, and tranches. MortgageRetainer helps create a level playing field for mortgage loans varying risk characteristics.


  • Net Present Value (NPV) based breakeven margin adjusted for transfer pricing of base rate, pre-payment risk, tenor, liquidity premium and Expected Credit Loss
  • Pricing options using supply and demand dynamics
  • Value-based performance measurement


Data ingestion

Seamless data ingestion or option to upload data manually

Renewal workflow

This workflow conducts analytics, derives optimal offer rates and automates issuance of commitment letters

New originations module

Using Rest API, this module provides snapshot view of each transaction based on hurdle rate

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