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Scenario FrontierTM

For Offense, Not Just Defense


Using the distinctive point-in-time data, Scenario Frontier automates capital stress testing, CECL and IFRS 9 models, associated processes and reports.

If your organization has been mandated by regulatory authorities to comply with capital stress testing, IFRS 9 or CECL, we recommend using Scenario Frontier as a cost-effective and reliable alternative instead of relying on error-prone spreadsheets and exposing your organization to costly risks.

BBA’s Scenario Frontier clients receive training support, methodology document, user manual, quarterly reporting templates, facilitated regulatory accreditation, assistance with board and management approvals, and 24x7 support. In addition, our clients also receive quarterly economic forecasts, sourced from world's foremost economics publications.


Scenario and Asset Planning

Base, stress and reverse scenarios growth planning of loan book

Credit and Concentration Stress Testing

Scenario-based stress testing of the loan book, determination of capital required


CECL and Expected Credit Loss in compliance with IFRS 9

Asset Quality

Asset quality analysis cross different segments of the loan book

Resilience Dashboard

Scenario-based vulnerability assessment, mitigation and resilience planning

Core Benefits

Configurable Application

Scenario Frontier can be configured to meet local, national and international regulatory compliance requirements.

Stakeholder Requirements

Scenario Frontier helps regulators, management and boards plan dividends, determine capital headroom and loan loss provisioning.

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