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CEO’s Year-end Message: Giving Control Back to Our Clients


To all our stakeholders,

Our goal, our vision as a firm is to help mid-sized financial institutions get the control back by developing affordable, customized analytics software in a fundamentally better and more convenient way. The entire experience is aimed at building trust and improving the return on investment. At the start of 2020, we embodied a purpose statement for our firm - articulating what each of us has long felt is our firm’s reason for being:

“To innovate, build trust and give control back to our clients.”

Just as we were achieving great success by creating new client experiences, growing relationships and sharing our message, the world changed. The COVID-19 global pandemic arrived, with the resulting economic recession not far behind. By the beginning of March, we knew — like every other organization — the pandemic reality would bring an entirely new set of challenges, requiring an extremely agile response.

As a young firm (founded in mid-2018), this was an exceptional challenge for us. With our newly articulated purpose in mind, we wasted no time re-adjusting our priorities for the remainder of 2020. At lightning speed, we devised new plans based on the following two initiatives:

  • Develop further awareness about BankingBook Analytics using Social Media and virtual meeting platforms
  • Increase investment in the development of our analytics applications

I am pleased to report that our following on Social Media platforms increased manifolds. Our client awareness programs were re-invigorated to include the following:

  • Regular demos of our software applications
  • Webinars on topics of interest - showcasing our domain expertise
  • Virtual “coffee breaks” with leading industry executives
  • Coverage and distribution of intellectual capital, including articles, newsletters and curated 3rd party research

With growth over 600% on a year-over-year traffic, our content-rich website now boasts a captive global audience.

Throughout the year, we continued our commitment to delivering the highest standards of quality for our clients by developing upgrades to our capital management software applications platform. These upgrades are designed to integrate analytics across various domains, removing silos, improving the capabilities of decision support-systems across the entire organization and reducing costs.

Despite the many unexpected challenges we faced together with our clients, our firm performed well. Net revenue grew modestly - enough to enable us to invest in innovations. Our heartfelt thanks to our key clients who posed their trust in us. Some noteworthy mentions are FirstOntario Credit Union, VersaBank and Qatar National Bank.

Looking forward to 2021, we are poised to meet the future growth. Our work now spans global coverage with entry into the United States, including collaboration with major players in Canada, Europe and the United States.

We demonstrated the truth in our new purpose statement, by truly making business more innovative, by building trust and we are well on our way to giving control back to our clients.

That’s how we responded with creativity and resolve to the greatest test of our careers, and that’s how we’ll continue to serve through collaboration, agility and care – all to go beyond expectations for those we serve.

Thank you for your interest and trust in our firm.

I wish you and your family a cheerful holiday season and a fresh 2021. Thank you for being a part of BBA's family. We appreciate your business and look forward to supporting you in the next year.

I welcome your thoughts.


Sohail Farooq

For more information, contact BBA Marketing

+1 (905) 499-3618

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