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In Production: New version of ECAPLeader™


In Production: New version of ECAPLeader™

BBA - BankingBook Analytics is pleased to announce the completion of the revamped version of its ECAPLeader. The upgraded version is now ready for subscription by credit unions, banks, as well as other regulated financial entities.

The ECAPLeader update features advanced functionality of the original capital calculator, and the addition of two more sophisticated modules: Enterprise Risk Management and Risk Adjusted profitability. The software platform comes equipped with an interactive dashboard allowing users to:
  • Benchmark risk-adjusted capital requirement with available capital
  • Examine historic operational losses; identify, assess and plan for vulnerabilities and risky trends
  • Benchmark risk-adjusted performance of loan portfolios, relative to hurdle rates and deploy tactics to upgrade the profitability of loss-making loans

A powerful workflow feature allows calculations to be reviewed and approved internally before submitting to the management and regulatory authorities.

ECAPLeader provides an integrated response to the demands of key internal and external stakeholders, such as:
  • Regulatory authorities: Risk-based capital requirements under Pillar II ICAAP (Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process) reporting
  • Shareholders/Investors/Boards: Economic or risk-adjusted profitability of the lending portfolios
  • CFO/Treasurer: Capital management and planning in convergence with the regulatory view
  • Chief Risk Officer/ERM: Forward-looking enterprise-wide risk management

The methodologies that power BBA’s modelling solutions are based on cutting edge academic research, up-to-date Basel/regulatory guidance and are in-practise at best practice FIs.

By using ECAPLeader, Banking and Credit Unions executives can demonstrate to regulators that they are comprehensively managing capital and to the shareholders that their capital is deployed in accordance with their minimum acceptable threshold return, i.e., hurdle rate.

At BankingBook Analytics, our aim is to support clients in building an analytics-driven organization by combining the latest techniques with deep industry, functional, and analytics expertise to help clients capture the most value from data. BBA is disrupting the mid-sized financial sector by offering world-class solutions at a fair price-point. We work as your partner in building a forward-thinking financial institution, demonstrating regulatory competency through innovative solutions, proven to give you a greater control of resources and investments.

We focus our efforts within, and at the intersection of three key domains: (1) Machine Learning and Microservices, (2) Finance, Treasury, and Risk, and (3) Pricing and Profitability. We measure our success by your success!

To activate your 30-day complimentary user license (terms and conditions apply), or if you’d like to schedule a 30-min demo with our team, simply contact us at .

For more information, contact BBA Marketing

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