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Partner With BBA

Variety. Innovation. Impact.


Through our solutions, BankingBook Analytics combines software, proprietary data, and extensive expertise to significantly improve our clients’ performance.

The methodologies and approaches that power BBA’s applications are in practice at some of the world’s top financial institutions. With our subscription licensing, small to mid-sized FIs can now afford best practice predictive models, which were mainly restricted to large banks with big budgets. BBA offers productized services to achieve regulatory compliance, effective business management, at-scale profitability, and transformative automation. The financial industries that we cover are credit unions, banks, insurance companies, monolines, and asset managers.

BBA's employees, contractors, and partners stand to expand their horizons solving real-world challenges with complex data sets and advanced analytics tools. We invite you to work with exceptional colleagues and clients to build analytics capabilities that break new ground, transform industries, and shape markets.

Every customer has different requirements. And while BBA has earned its reputation as functional experts and analytically rigorous solution providers in the market, we also recognize that our clients' needs may be best met by us partnering with other premium technology and service providers. Our strategic alliance program is designed to drive customer success and quality through best-in-class partnerships.


Thrive in an entrepreneurial culture. Explore new ideas to change the way we work. Get the training and support you need to keep growing and stay ahead of your field. At BankingBook Analytics, you’ll find opportunities in specialized paths, as well as generalist options to shape your career and make a difference every day to be at your best.


Use analytics to make strategic recommendations.

Technology Solutions

Help build the next generation of analytics applications.


Partner with us to help provide access to our distributed technology solutions globally.

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